For CASA Advocates

Continuing Education Requirements for Court Appointed Special Advocates

CASA Volunteers are required each fiscal year (July 1-June 30) to complete 12 hours of continuing education units in order to comply with Kearney/Buffalo County CASA and National CASA standards.

The purpose is to ensure that CASA Volunteers are educated and stay informed on issues within the juvenile justice system, specific areas of interest in relation to CASA, and individual cases.

Continuing Education Units can be earned through reading books, watching movies/television shows, and online training opportunities as well as attending trainings provided by Kearney/Buffalo County CASA, Nebraska CASA, or National CASA.

Help Recruit and Raise Awareness

A great way to recruit new CASA Volunteers is by spreading the word about what CASA does and the importance of having a CASA volunteer appointed to an abused and neglected child in the court system.

Kearney/Buffalo County CASA staff are available for presentations to churches, public service groups, small groups, and such. Contact our office for more information.