How We Help

When a CASA Volunteer accepts a case, they must agree to stay with the case until the child has a safe permanent home. CASA Volunteers only carry one or two cases at a time and are assigned to each case until its closure. CASA Volunteers regularly spend time with the child and have a wealth of information regarding the child and their case.

CASA Volunteers do their own independent investigation by interviewing individuals involved in the child’s life, gathering reports, and meeting with the child, family, foster family and team members. They monitor the child’s situation while in foster care and while at home to ensure they are safe and their psychological, physical, and educational needs are met. CASA Volunteers are often the one constant the child knows as they move through the child welfare system.

In addition to being very knowledgable about the children and families they serve, CASA Volunteers also help identify resources available to meet the needs of the children. For example, a CASA Volunteer might locate a resource for clothing, driver’s education classes, car seats, or household items.